PANALES DEL SUR Raw Rainy Forest Chilean Honey – 17.6 oz

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  • Natural extract: The pollens extracted to make the raw honey come from beehives located in bioregions like Santa Barbara, Alto Bio, Lo Nieves, Los Notros, and many more pristine places from Chile.
  • Unique in the world: Our natural honey comes from the VIII region, Santa Barbara area, where you can find the “unique in the world” honey. It is called that way because the pollens are from Guindo Santo – a unique and sacred tree of the Mapuche people.
  • Delicious and nutritious: The organic Rainy Forest honey by Panales del Sur is just one of the many honey varieties from southern Chile. Delicious at taste, it will offer you the healthy dose you need every day.
  • Authentic 100% pure: The raw organic honey is granted a CHILEMIEL Seal of Authenticity, which corresponds to a seal delivered by CHILEMIEL, the beekeepers’ showcase, to those who sell 100% pure honey.
  • For your loved ones: The pure honey makes for a lovely Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present for your loved ones. Get this unique, delicious honey for someone who loves sweet tastes!

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PANALES DEL SUR Raw Rainy Forest Chilean Honey – 17.6 oz – Premium Processing – Unfiltered and Unpasteurized – Third Generation of Beekeepers in Chile – Ultimate Patagonia Multiflower Extract


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