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Traveling through the Chilean countryside, you’re bound to notice the diversity in forest and different native and unique species. The huge variety of central Chile’s native trees, plants and herbs are important for our variety of honeys trougth central and south of CHILE.

Beekeepers in our Honey Group Chile ® company has more than 40 years producing the best honey in different color and flavors; some of them are:

our honey group chile

Miel de ulmo

: the classic Chilean honey from the native forests of Ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia) in the southern regions of Los Ríos and Los Lagos. Ulmo honey is a white, creamy honey, rich in vitamins and anti-bacterial properties.

Miel de azahar

: a light amber honey, very sweet and with a pleasant aroma, this honey comes from the flowers of various citrus trees, especially orange trees. It’s said to have curative properties for insomnia.

Miel de avellano

: honey from the wild hazelnut tree (Gevuina avellana) found from the Coquimbo region to the Aysén region. The golden honey is creamy and rich in Vitamin A, and is said to contain many of the health properties of hazelnuts, especially for the skin.

Miel de quillay

: a dark amber honey from the Quillay (Quillaja saponaria), a fragrant native tree. Quillay honey is often recommended for allergies and digestive problems, and is high in antioxidants.

Addicionally we can often sell bags of pollen, tiny jars of royal jelly, and liquid dropper bottles of propolis.

Propolis, called propóleo in Spanish, is commonly sold in small bottles and recommended to boost the immune system. A recent study by Chilean professors at the Catolic University and the La Frontera University in Temuco found that Chilean propolis may be an effective treatment for cavities, or caries.

honey in different color and flavors