the urban beekeeping

The urban beekeeping

The popularity of urban beekeeping is not helping to make up for declining countryside populations, according to new research. The report also found that city-dwelling honey bees are three times less likely to survive than their feral cousins. This raises significant questions about the longer-term outlook for bees as intense[…..]

honeybee heaven

Honeybee Haven

Newfoundland is one of the remaining safe zones for the world’s honeybees, and that puts our rry farmers to import non-native bumblebees for pollination does cause concern. “It’s not impossible that one or both of those mites can be found in bumblebees, and then there could be transfer,” she says.[…..]

stories of a small beekeeper

Stories of a small beekeeper

Reid visited the facility’s observation beehive and took in a presentation about the honey bee. The presentation left him wanting to know more. Reid spent about two years researching beekeeping as a hobby. He then purchased his first beehive (a nucleus colony of bees referred to as a nuc) in[…..]


How Farmers Can Help Pollinators

Native bees are valuable crop pollinators. The over 3,500 species of native bees (often called pollen bees) help increase crop yields and may serve as important insurance when cultivated European honey bees are hard to come by. There are simple, inexpensive ways you can increase the number of native bees[…..]